Countless websites are popping up daily, making standing out from the crowd more difficult than ever before. To gain the attention your site deserves, stable SEO strategies must be put into place. As most people realise, changes to Google’s algorithms occur so frequently it can make your head spin.

As many have learned the hard way, even a minor update to Google can leave your SEO accomplishments futile. Staying knowledgeable of the latest SEO Trends will help keep your site on track.

Sound SEO Strategies Set Brands Apart

A website must have a strong working SEO strategy or it will fall victim to lowered rank and a significant drop in traffic. While changes to Google can have an impact on your rank on search engine result pages, lags may simply occur because of common SEO mistakes.

It does not take an expert to realise even a minor SEO mistake can be fatal for rank. With so many activities involved in practicing sound SEO, overlooking a mistake is entirely possible. To ensure your SEO practices are following the right path, you must be willing to make changes and improve. In the world of SEO, staying stagnant is a death sentence for your rank in search engines.

5 Significant Mistakes You’ve Made This Year

Staying up-to-date on the latest SEO Trends is certainly not an easy task. The biggest challenge people face is being able to identify the errors they are making so they can improve their strategy and see rises in rank. The following are some of the biggest mistakes you are likely making this year.

1. Content is Lacking

Content is an area where many people make mistakes. Everyone knows content is king in SEO, but not all realise the sheer importance of quality content. When your content continuously lacks quality, visitor numbers will drastically drop. You should answer the following questions before publishing any content.

  • Does the content have a purpose?

  • Does it speak to the needs of the audience?

  • Is the piece a true original?

  • Does the content engage the audience?

  • Is the word count between 1,000-2,000 words?

If you cannot answer yes to all these questions, do not publish the piece. You have so little time to engage your audience and content that does not meet the above requirements should be left out.

2. Failure to Optimise for Mobile First

One of the biggest mistakes website owners make is forgetting about their mobile visitors. Today, many people have a cell phone and neglecting this portion of your audience can spell disaster. Today’s websites require responsive web design.

Mobile First is one of the keys to obtaining a better rank on Google. The mobile version of your website is going to be the first displayed on Google search engine result pages. It is also important to realise that when Google is considering your website, they first look at your mobile version.

You will likely stand a better chance of ranking higher if Google can crawl your mobile site first.

3. Broken Pages Prevent Crawling

Broken pages are a big problem that you should not ignore. If your site is full of 404 errors, the bounce rates are going to skyrocket. Most people develop broken pages because they do not consistently check their backlinks.

Content may be removed over time, resulting in 404 errors. A broken page can also result from a failure to properly spell the URL. It is minor errors like these that can snowball and lead to serious rank issues. When a search engine bot detects a broken page, it will stop crawling your website.

To fix broken pages, make sure every URL is precisely entered correctly. Check for broken links on a regular basis. To protect your rank, make sure to include redirects when broken links are not fixable. Redirects inform the search engine pages have moved so you do not lose any authority that could negatively affect your rank.

4. Failure to Audit Regularly

It is not easy to face, but falls in rank are sometimes a result of your neglect. You should view your website as a living entity. It needs consistent auditing to ensure everything is working properly.

Checking the site for errors, broken links, misspelled words, and technical problems will help to protect your rank. Work to ensure Google has crawled all your pages successfully.

As a part of your auditing efforts, make sure to check which pages receive more attention than others. Making small changes can have a big impact.

5. Poor Keyword Tactics

Many people do not properly search for and utilise keywords, and this can have a big impact on rank. Some people make the big mistake of utilising a single keyword on all their pages. Instead of focusing on one single keyword, it is imperative to target keywords that are not as competitive, but still very much relevant.

Although keywords are good for SEO, over-optimisation is not wise. Over-optimising keywords will bring the quality of your content down. Using the right words and naturally working them into your content will yield the best results.

If you are making any of the above mistakes in SEO this year, make changes now to avoid big rank disappointments. Think of your pages as ever-evolving and never allow them to go stagnant.


SEO trends change over time so it is imperative you stay abreast of the latest practices to keep your pages competitive. You cannot create a website, walk away, and expect it to continue to perform.

Rises in rank should happen with organic SEO practices. Although it may be tempting to try a black hat method, this will surely result in authority loss and could even lead to your site being blacklisted.

If you are making way too many SEO mistakes, contact me today. As a digital marketing consultant, I will help you correct your weak SEO practices so rises in rank naturally occur. Reach out with any questions you may have.